Web Development

Check out my current and past website development. I have worked with a number of clients over the years and unfortunately for some, their websites are no longer available.

To simplify maintenance across sites, I normally produce a common set of routines for use. I will make these available as I package them for a simple drop into your site.


Designed and produced for a friend, Matthew Foxwell runs a Pizza restaurant in the picturesque town of Brixham in Devon, England. To simplify the maintenance of the site, I used media queries for Responsive web design and then to gain maximum potential visibility, I used SEO practices, Google analytics for monitoring and Google Business and Bing Places along with local listings to increase the local value. If you are in the area, check out his gorgeous pizzas!
(12th July 2018) Unfortunately PizzaZ is now closed.

Ann Walker & White Arrow

I designed this website for a dear friend, Ann Walker and her spirit guide White Arrow. This website hadn't been updated for a long time and was in need of a refresh. Again, using the same structure as PizzaZ, the site was crafted to be search engine friendly, and then responsive design techniques to showcase Ann's journey, from a destop browser down to a mobile device.

Mikey Hall Yoga

This website was updated for Mikey Hall and his yoga business teaching Iyengar Yoga. The current website was designed by another developer but I moved his website from one web host to another and simplified the code to make it responsive design. This improved the loading times for all users and helped to increased Mikey's page ranking for his site.

Man & Van Services (Ashford)

This website was updated for Nigel Jones and his Man & Van Services company. The current website was designed by another developer. I moved his website to a UK web host and simplified the code to improve loading times. I also made the site mobile-friendly. Both of these actions helped to improve how Google and Bing see Nigel's website, and therefore would contribute to improved rankings.

Do you need my help?

Whilst I can see there is a market, I always believe that website owners should be in charge of their own domains and their web hosting, and therefore all notifications should go to the client. This means that if there is any change in the relationship with the web team, the client is still informed of any issues which could bring down their website.

I do not seek ongoing hosting costs and would move you to a new web host if you choose. There will be a cost, based on the size of your website, for any changes required such as improving loading times, mobile friendly pages and for any future work.

Save Our Earth

This was my first website and was used to raise awareness of saving the rainforests and promote good environmental practice. We created campaign actions, maintained a list of World Leaders and their addresses, ran a petition count to save the rainforests and kept visitors up to date with a newsletter. We also visited Downing Street in London back in 2002 to deliver petition signature to the then UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

It employed Perl and PHP with MySQL databases. This has been active since 2001 and is in the design stages for a refresh.


I developed this website for the 24x7 Operations team at my employer to record incidents and changes. It replaced a terminal-based application and added new features and reports. This was written in Perl, Javascript and HTML and has been agile-developed over the past 14 years. It is currently going through a major version update to enable use across all of the Operating Companies.


This was originally developed as a portal for the MVS systems at my employer. It consolidated four separate websites into one central site. These sites allowed the MVS team to broadcast bulletins to the MVS community, have an up to date display of the systems and relevant information, display hardware configuration data from the IODFs and to manage software changes in a peer review/approver system.

In time, this has evolved with the Software change system now managing all of the changes on the MVS and ALCS systems. To accomplish this, the site was rewritten to allow a user-defined configuration to be used.

Function: w2Calendar

v1.2 (08 Nov 2017)

Across a number of my sites, I needed a function to let the user select a date and/or time. A previous function did not fit in with the modern flat design so I produced w2Calendar to fit this spec. The routine can be configured to select a time, a date or both. The zip file includes the CSS, Javascript (native), Material Design icons from Google and a test file. There is a number of configuration settings within the Javascript and all are documented.


I'm Mark, and I have worked as an IT professional for over 30+ years. I currently design and develop websites and Android apps when I'm not working on Mainframe systems. When not going stir-crazy in front of my screens, I like nothing more than drinking real ale and doing yoga.

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