Android Apps

I may have not produced a large number of Android apps, but I have concentrated on UX and finding the right experience for the user. This page will contain details on my current apps and links to the Google Play Store when they become available.

z/OS System Monitor

After moving into Android programming, I decided that I wanted to pull the data from the MVS systems into an App. I wanted to be able to respond to system issues without Operations contacting me. I also wanted to know what changes had been made and if there were any potential issues with the running systems.

From these requirements, I created z/OS System Monitor. The App downloads data generated by z/OS Mainframe - System Data from a FTP server. This data has been extracted from the MVS system, from a list of DASD volumes and by talking to BCPii to get processor related data. It shows any warnings or alerts which have been configured for each Environment.

So far, I have used my App on several occasions to fix issues, before they became a problem, thereby saving an early morning callout and keeping the systems available.

This is still in development.

Mikey Hall Yoga

This app was written for my friend, Mikey Hall. It was designed as a proof of concept and embraced the new Material Design visuals. It allows the user to read and watch Mikey perform each of the yoga asanas in Level One. Mikey has also put together some sequences to be used. The second release of this app will embrace custom sequences.


I'm Mark, and I have worked as an IT professional for over 30+ years. I currently design and develop websites and Android apps when I'm not working on Mainframe systems. When not going stir-crazy in front of my screens, I like nothing more than drinking real ale and doing yoga.

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